The Difference

During the past decade, SBS Consulting has distinguished itself from its peers by providing the very best in strategic Information Technology consulting services. Period. In doing so, SBS Consulting has earned such an esteemed reputation among its peers that the Company often subcontracts its services to other premier consulting firms such as Accenture and PwC Consulting, providing them with expertise they lack within their own organizations. Strategic Business Services’ consultants have the experience and expertise to complete the most complex of jobs, which is why our talented consultants – with an average of over seven years experience in their area(s) of expertise – are so sought after. That is why we like to think of ourselves as “The Consultant’s Consultant.”

Strategic Business Services, Inc. will never compromise its mission to provide clients exceptional IT consulting services that are unsurpassed in quality. Thus unlike many of our competitors, SBS Consulting does not utilize inexperienced or unqualified “Body Shop” consultants on client engagements in order to lower billing rates, increase profit margins, or underbid competitors. SBS Consulting firmly believes clients get what they pay for in today’s marketplace, particularly with the “Body Shop” consultants billed out at below market rates by many consulting firms. These consultants rarely possess the breadth of experience, business intelligence, and technical and functional skills required to provide clients satisfactory – much less optimal – solutions. That is why SBS Consulting seeks out only the best and brightest consultants with impeccable reputations and track records for our clients. Quite simply, our “Best of Breed” consultants deliver solutions and outstanding customer satisfaction which in our experience, “Body Shop” consultants cannot.

SBS Consulting also distinguishes itself by providing these “Best of Breed” consulting services at competitive rates. While we recognize that our consultants are not the lowest priced in the industry, our rates compare very favorably to those among the Tier I and Tier II consulting firms, many of which (as pointed out above) utilize Strategic Business Services’ consultants on their projects. By providing our “Best of Breed” consultants at competitive rates, SBS Consulting offers clients exceptional value for their investment in our services.

Finally, SBS Consulting provides more than just IT consulting services to our clients; our consultants look to provide additional value by continuously seeking opportunities to improve our clients’ business processes and maximize the return on their total IT investments in hardware, software, and human resource capital. SBS Consulting provides this service at no additional cost to our clients; it is simply our way of doing business. Thus, we do not just offer our clients a “Body Shop” of Information Technology consulting services, we offer our clients value added Strategic Business Services.

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